Thursday, April 27, 2017

{ARC Review} The Possible

The Possible
The Possible
Author: Tara Altebrando
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
What one knows the truth about you? 

It's been thirteen years since Kaylee's infamous birth mother, Crystal, received a life sentence for killing Kaylee's little brother in a fit of rage. Once the center of a cult-following for her apparent telekinetic powers, nowadays nobody's heard of Crystal. Until now, when a reporter shows up at Kaylee's house and turns her life upside down, offering Kaylee the chance to be part of a high-profile podcast investigating claims that Crystal truly did have supernatural mind powers. But these questions lead to disturbing answers as Kaylee is forced to examine her own increasingly strange life, and make sense of certain dark and troubling coincidences... ~Goodreads

I picked this book up on a rainy Sunday morning and finished it in the same afternoon, it was SO intriguing!

I loved how the plot kept me invested. There were so many things that kept hinting at Kaylee having telekinetic powers YET AT THE SAME TIME MAYBE THEY were just coincidences?! I NEEDED TO FIND OUT SO I JUST KEPT FLIP FLIP FLIPPING!

+10 for the Monster High reference!
-11 for the overly obsessive crush Kaylee had on this dude, Bennett. It just seemed out of nowhere, I felt like I was missing a piece of why/how she started having such strong feelings for him? I mean, were we even supposed to LIKE this dude? Because I totally did not.

Kaylee's best friends, on the other hand, were awesome! I love the type of friends who aren't afraid to give the MC shit or tell them when they're being cray. Aiden and Chiara are these friends. As for Kaylee, herself, I liked her well enough. She definitely had some faults (who doesn't!) but she was a pretty decent main character for the most part. 

Overall, I enjoyed the story! If you like a good mysterious page turner, then this one is for you too! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

{ARC Review} The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue
Author: Mackenzi Lee
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
An unforgettable tale of two friends on their Grand Tour of 18th-century Europe who stumble upon a magical artifact that leads them from Paris to Venice in a dangerous manhunt, fighting pirates, highwaymen, and their feelings for each other along the way.
[WARNING: Fan girl rant review ahead.]


This story had me hooked with its very first sentence. Gentleman's Guide is full of adventure and sexual tension and wit and sexual tension and danger and DID I MENTION THE TENSION?

A+ CHARACTERS. I CAN'T EVEN. Monty is a hot mess, yet it's in the most endearing way possible.  He has got to be one of the sassiest, most sarcastic, sexed up lads out there but it's impossible not to be reeled in by those dimples! CAN YOU SAY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! Holy Gods. Yes, Mackenzi, yes! This boy is the most intriguing onion. I'd love to hang out with him! He'd totally drink me under the table though, and probably attempt to *do* something under the table....

Speaking of under the table....FOOTSY. Footsy that I DON'T think was QUITE an accident. Oh, Percy, you sweet, sweet bloke you. He needs a prequel or a sequel, ANYTHING, I need more of this adorable and intelligent boy in my life.

The Percy/Monty ship is REAL you guise. I CAN'T. Just OH MY GOD. KISS YOU BRITISH BASTARDS.

I was all for the SEXUALLY CHARGED romance in this story, the freaking badass adventure, and the MYSTERY OF IT ALL. Yes.

Also, SHOUT OUT to my girl Felicity for being a smart lass who don't take no shit!

MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE! please and thanks.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Character Interview + ARC GIVEAWAY!

The Best Kind of MagicI absolutely ADORED The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal Cestari, and I adored the main character from the novel, Amber, even more!

Amber, the awesome-sauce girl that she is, agreed to stop by the blog and answer a few questions! Enjoy! 

Hey Amber! Thank you so much for stopping by! I know you're a busy gal, so let's get right to it! 
What's your favorite thing about working at Windy City Magic?
Amber: Tourists always seem surprised that we sell actual magic. I once warned a suburbanite not to use more than a drop of our hair-growing tonic on his bald spot, but apparently he didn't believe me, and came back a week later with a Rapunzel-style mullet. He was really mad and I couldn't stop laughing. Ah, memories. 
If you were turned into a dessert, what would you be and why?
Amber: Oh man, the most difficult question of all time! Wow. While I'd like to say I'd be something fluffy and light like a donut or angel food cake, let's be real; that's not me. No, I'm something complicated and semi-annoying to make, like a creme brulee: if you don't handle me right, I'll curdle. Also, I definitely have a thick outer shell. 
I know you and your mom don't always see eye to eye, but, what is one thing you admire most about her? 
Amber: What impresses me most is her restraint. If I were a witch, I would abuse that power to no end. Feeling like a snack, but don't want to get off the couch? I'd float the fridge over my way. Tired of teachers yapping about nothing? Boom, silencing spell. (it's probably for the best that I'm not a witch)
Do you have any hidden talents? (Besides the obvious!) 
Amber: If being picked last for any sort of sport or school project counts, then yes.
If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?
Amber: My best friend, Amani, to keep me sane.
A blanket, to keep me from waking up with sand in my eyes and other uncomfortable places. 

A portal charm from my mom's secret supply chest, to get out of there. Wait, is that cheating? 

Early bird or night owl? 
Night owl for sure... are there people who are early birds? Sounds terrible. 

Celebrity crush?
I don't really know a lot of celebrities... does Mary Berry count?

Teleportation or Telekinesis?
Since I already spend a lot of time invading people's brain space without them knowing, I'm gonna go with teleportation on this one. It would be pretty sweet to pop in and out of bakeries around the world at a moment's notice--pun intended! 

Fill out the form below to be entered to win an ARC of The Best Kind of Magic and some adorable stickers! 
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